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Current In-Class Teachers’ Stories…

My warm ups and assessments are graded instantly. It takes about 1 minute to grade each student’s warm up. I have 120 students enrolled in Biology. Daily this feature saves me 2 hours worth of grading. Weekly, that is 10 hours of grading. Monthly, this is 40 hours. On grading warm ups alone, I save at least 400 hours yearly. That is a lot of time that I can use towards my aspects of improving my instruction and curriculum…

I post guided video notes on [] that I personally create. I am able to set up a question every minute of the video, where my students are to answer digitally as they take notes physically. When they get a question incorrect, they are then provided with feedback. They then use this feedback to reattempt the question. I can see the amount of time each student spent on each question of each assignment and how many times each assignment was attempted. Last year I had a special education student attempt an assignment no less than 8 times, just to get a passing grade. I am able to accurately reward student hard work and progress.

Parwiz Ahmadi / Biology Teacher

Students are given a timed warm-up which shuts off automatically after a certain time frame. This results in more students coming to class on time in order to complete it. I have also had situations where students are completing the warm-up on their phone before they get to class because they are tardy. So even though they are not in class on time they are participating in class remotely…

I am able to look at the scores of each student and determine how they are performing very quickly. This allows me to differentiate my instruction in real-time. Students are able to see their scores immediately which allows them to see they are doing in real-time and assess what they need to do to improve

Heather Lutes / Earth & Biolgy Tacher

No need to copy materials as they are on computer in perpetuity–download next time needed and distribute to students. Hundreds of dollars in paper costs saved!

Students see their scores in real time with immediate feedback on what they get right and wrong. They are given MULTIPLE attempts to facilitate effort and to empower their growth mindset to keep trying to get a portion of the avail points eg. .66 instead of a zero. I can see the result of the bell work q’s about 10 minutes into class and can quickly analyze the results and re-teach if necessary. I can do this for all manner of formative assessments as well as summative assessments for planning next year’s curriculum

Zach Jeska / Earth & Anatomy Teacher

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