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“Students come to us with varying skill levels. Some are exceptionally gifted. but more often my students come to me with several learning deficits. By being able to pinpoint which areas a student needs most growth in, I can then accommodate towards [their] needs. [This] allows me to teach all my students equitably.”

Mr. Ahmadi / 9th Teacher

Students are given a timed warm-up which shuts off automatically after a certain time frame. This results in more students coming to class on time in order to complete it. I have also had situations where students are completing the warm-up on their phone before they get to class because they are tardy. So even though they are not in class on time they are participating in class remotely.

Ms. Lutes / 9th Grade Teacher

When you are able to get immediate feedback, it motivates you and allows you to learn from your mistakes which is truly important. When I realized I had made a mistake, thanks to the immediate feedback, I then reevaluated the problem and began to attempt to find the correct solution.


Provide multi-tiered levels of support with immediate & meaningful feedback

Fix dysfunctional Plcs & create high-impact school cultures

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Students’ voices

Some students and parents volunteered to provide electronic testimonials below because they want to inspire other teachers to support more students.

“This entire year using and taking notes on my notebook was a mission. There are a lot of times were you walk into the class not wanting to talk to people and with streamlineEd everything is so much easier. Basically, the lessons were short and easy to understand. I listen a lot of [peers] talk about how much they struggle with chem and having lessons that are summed up to get to the point of how to solve for chem and understand is helpful. These videos provide the direct information with no confusion , and if you do get confused the notes are there for you to understand or you can always watch the video once more. Answering the questions online allows me to go back into my notebook and practice, checking right away if your answer is right or wrong is also EXTREMELY HELPFULLL!! This is because if you are doing it wrong , you will know it’s wrong once you check it, but if it were to be on a paper and independent work you could be getting the wrong answers the whole time and keep practicing wrong. I will admit sometimes doing chem online everyday can be annoying and boring, it’s not hard and I enjoy it.”
Student / Parent Gave Consent
“I personally really enjoy the strategies that my teacher has taught me. He helps us by putting the videos on streamline.ed and we can re watch them whenever we want if we do not understand it. This in my opinion is a lot more efficient because we learn how to work independently. We need those skills in the future because we will not be able to depend on anyone else but our notes and in this case we are just re watching the video if we do not understand the material that is being taught. This is way better then being taught on paper, because being taught on the board or on paper it is a whole class learning and some of us might get scared to ask questions in front of everybody. If we work on the computer and we get stuck we can ask our teacher by yourself and he will help us on the problem we need”
Students / Parent Gave Consent

“Having [], notebooks, our Chromebook, and other technologies help me personally understand the material much better. Since [it] tells us whether our answer is wrong or right it gives us the satisfaction of knowing whether or not we understand the material. If for whatever reason we don’t understand the material we can always ask Mr. Nguyen for help. But, having a notebook comes in clutch all the time because as you’re watching the lesson or you’re taking notes in general, your notebook will help you in the future for future reference, tests, quizzes, and anything in between. Your Chromebook also comes in handy because it’s what makes learning much better and technologically advanced in terms of how there’s no other science platform like the one [it] offers. The teaching strategy of our teacher is very specific and straightforward and he takes the time to explain to us the new material that we’re learning and what’s great about it is that when you don’t understand something he can help you one on one and he’ll explain the material more in depth. The great thing about [it] is that it’s very accessible so you’re able to look at it whenever you want to whether you’re at home or in school and it makes learning Chemistry that much better because you can always go back in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be and if for whatever reason you don’t understand the material you can go back and review. Another thing about that as well is that you have at least 10 attempts so if you don’t get a good score on your first try you can always attempt it again for a better one. There are many positive sides to [it] which you’ll see as you continue to use it throughout the year”

Student / Parent Gave Consent